I know that most of you (which is like, none, because none of you guys really read this, only the occasional friend of mine...) wonder what me, Hayley ____ does on her sunday afternoons.

Well I'll tell you. On my Sunday afternoon, i went to the beach, then went to the movie theatre on the navy base to see, "Click" with the oh-so-famous, Adam Sandler (clap clap). Adam of course was hilarios as usual. But who is the real star in my eyes?

The duck.

The duck goes through countless lovers, being seen only as a lever for more comedy. The drama! A life-threatening surgery from her lover when he goes wild! She must have her head and the whole in her butt from her love's abuse stitched up! Then lover number one dies. So she goes onto a smaller one! he dies too. Then a shaggy dog! he dies too...
But in the end its all a dream! She returns to her real lover, her abusive first! Plus another one who feigned being a female but really is a male and loves her. So she has two lovies. Happy ending.

Ok, on a more serious note, the movie really made me appriciate life more. I have to live in the moment and hang out with my family more! The drama killed me. when it was Adam's death scene, i SOBBED. WAILED even. My dad had to hold my hand. Well, after mixing both the candy AND the tears it equaled a headache and the overpowering need to upchuck. I nearly did. Also, looking into the make up, they did a fantastic job of aging adam. He really did look rather ancient. ^.^
I loved the ending. ^o^

Unfortunately (or... fortunately?) my new friend Rebecca called and asked if i wanted to go see "the Devil Wears Prada." I couldnt say no, after having to miss a beach day with her because of babysitting, piano, and sailing all at the same time, i couldnt. So i'm going out in THREE Mintues. Only got a total of five minutes to rest up between films.
So after the Devil Wears Prada (which i will type about later) Surely my morals and thoughts of the day will have changed.
Love to you all!

Hottest Man Ever

Cillian Murphy.
He is hotter than Orlando BLOOM in my eyes! I totally fell for him in Red Eye. He was so evil and such a great actor. He is a little sex muffin! xD
My new fandom, man.

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